Cheapskate scarf – free pattern

This is a scarf I might even be able to make!


A couple of years ago I made this plaited scarf. It’s based on a very pretty scarf I saw in a shop. I liked the scarf  but it was both acrylic and expensive so I decided to embrace all things recession and take apart a scarf I’d made (but didn’t really like) and fashion it into a bit of a copy. I imagine I looked very suspect as I keep going in to the shop to look at the same scarf and counting the stitches…….

Should you want to make one yourself the pattern is below.

3 balls Rowan Little Big Wool
9mm needles

The scarf is made up of 3 knitted strips platted together and it’s really simple!

Strip 1
Cast on 7 stiches (whichever cast on method you prefer- it doesn’t matter)
R1: [K1,P1]x3, K1
R2: [P1, K1]x3P1
Repeat these 2 rows until the knitted strip is…

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  1. Thanks for the reblog! Glad you like it! x

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