About Us

I am a schizophrenic mother of 3, and dating my Jr High crush. With 2 cats and a dog, we keep a full house. We live in North Texas, but I spent most of my life in South and Central Texas. I am comfortable with speaking in German and this summer my children will be learning it as well. Mine Kinder Garden means, My Children Garden.

Sometimes inspired to greatness with meandering musings of motherhood. I have a full time job, and I am a part time freelance writer, and somehow I even have time to make my own mayo. I am not Super Woman, I am the Sleeping Woman Awaken!

sleeping woman wake

Cast Of Characters:

Me: AKA mom, AKA Amanda Mae

Monkey Man: AKA Mine Lieben (My Love), My Jr High Crush, and my partner in life

Der Kinder (the Kids): AKA the Triple Ds, Dante, Draven, and Daisy

Chewi: AKA the Floor Noming Butt licker, AKA the dog

Nar Nar: AKA Nar Nar the Great and Smellable, a cat we adopted to save him.

Random Kitty: no AKA…that is it. His name says it all.


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