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Cheapskate scarf – free pattern

This is a scarf I might even be able to make!

overhaul coming

Over the last week I have been planning on some pretty big changes to my blog. I am hopping this will be for the better!

This includes a real logo! I am hoping to have that ready as early as tonight. I may also be re coloring the whole site, and reworking it to be more user friendly.

It is my dream to make this my job. I want a successful blog, that is also entertaining and informative. I am hoping to start on that road tonight.

This may even include a blog name change…

Honestly any feedback is welcome. I am trying to put together a blog that I would enjoy to read, but I want you to enjoy it too!

Quick Note

Since I am iced in again today I decided to try to get some work on the blog. I am still unable to do many of the changes that I want to make, but I am getting some other stuff done.

On a side note I am working on a contest! Still working on the details, but I do hope to have something soon!


Oops… My bad

So earlier today I posted a free pattern… I also made a PDF file of the pattern, and set it up for free download on Ravelry.

I forgot to activate the link…

So if you tried to download it  today and could not, I am very sorry.

Here is the link to the pattern for Basic Arm Warmers PDF file.

arm warmers resize

Ripple #55 – SPI-der Man!!

OMG I might need to make this


At the end of Friday’s Spidey Blanket update I was about to run out of Royal blue yarn and head to Joanns for more.

375 in-progress

Once I crocheted that laaast blue double-crochet round, I could add the spider web’s black chain and slip-stitch spokes. This was a real slow awkward step for me, working with my right hand on top of the blanket and constantly switching between having my left hand on top and under the blanket, but it was so worth it!! The spokes are what turned my red and blue striped round ripple into a Spider’s Web! Yes!!

A helpful reader shared this link to a Flickr video showing how to add the spider web. – Thanks for sharing your great find, Renee!

Starting each spoke on one of the blanket’s twelve points, I stopped as soon as I reached the blanket’s red center spot, leaving that area open…

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Free pattern from Planet June

Cute pattern will add a nice embelishment to gift wrapping

UK Crochet Patterns

Love, love, LOVE June! She’s kindly offering a little Christmas freebie for us  all. This will look cute on your tree!

Click here for the free pattern.

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General Updates

I have been working 6 days a week, and too many of them have been long days. This is why I have committed a horrid sin. I am sorry I have not been blogging. *sad kitty face*

If you do not follow me on facebook, you totally should. I post on there fairly often, but not so much that I flood your feed!

So here is a basic update:

I have been testing a few new recipes. I will be posting those fairly soon.

I posted about making a sourdough starter. While experimenting with it, I managed to kill it. I am sad because today is the day I gave up on saving it. For about a week I have tried. I know what I did wrong I think. I tried to double it, and it exploded everywhere and then it started to smell like vinegar, so I added more flour. That did not work… So today I am making a new one.

For about 4 weeks I have been brewing lemon vinegar. I checked on it today, and it still needs more time. I think the acid in the lemons is slowing down the fermentation. I am still pretty excited about it, and it has an interesting taste. I fed another lemon to it, and will check it again in a week. My son has started his own mother of vinegar, and he has some good old fashioned white vinegar brewing. I have to admit it looks really neat!

I have gotten really good at couponing. I am not as good as some of the girls at work, but I am impressed with my hoard. With the money saved I have been able to get about half of my holiday shopping done. I am saving big ticket items for Cyber Monday.

Also in my house we have been getting back into the habit of studying Dharma. This was something I used to do daily but I let myself get lazy. I am excited as I study the Dharma again. My son has been studying with me! He often goes off on his own thing, but we like to meet somewhere in the middle.

I have set up time to be ale to blog regularly again. I have lists of recipes and things to share with you my readers. I am hoping to have a tutorial or two coming soon.

Just an update

More seeds in the mail, and a few germinating!

Popcorn will start the first stage of planting soon. I should have some beans ready soon too.

I am testing a new recipe tonight too but it will not be ready til Saturday morning.

My homemade vinegar is doing well too! We tasted it yesterday, it has a nice fruity flavor along with subtle vinegar flavor. I think in a week it may be ready for bottling!

My next flavor is Lemon Vinegar! I will be brewing the lemon vinegar, not just soaking lemons! I am pretty excited, but I have more than a week before I can do that.

Until then, my son is making his own mother of vinegar!

100’s of Patterns and Photos Stolen by

After reading this post I was upset. I really respect the work of the designers getting ripped off. I have contacted these people to let them know about this, and I have contacted the people stealing too. I am reblogging this in hopes that you can also contact the owners of any work you recognize. I also hope no one who reads this is being stolen from! If so, please stand up and fight for your work!

Knot Just Yarn Blog

In the world of patterns, has been accused of stealing patterns and photographs from websites such as ETSY and are selling them on their website. This action removes the authors and designers from being compensated for their work and completely benefiting

Though I have just received notice of this fraudulent act this morning, numerous complaints from many ETSY users have surfaced in The Crochet Crowd Inbox over night. Great people like Lianka Azulay, owner of has been directly affected as her designs and photographs were stolen. They are selling her patterns putting the money in their own pockets.

In several reports, the website was pulled offline yesterday but resurfaced by a new host today. This company is definitely in this for the cash bypassing any morals to play fair. This is the ugly face of fraud. In one complaint given to me, they are not delivering the…

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