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What’s on your Hook Wednesday!

I have been so busy with back to school and trying to get extra hours at work that I have not had time to crochet or knit much. When I do have time I have been trying to learn how to make socks. Socks are the main reason I wanted to learn how to knit.

wed hook

Seems like every time I think I am doing well on making a sock, I find I have messed up so bad, that I have to start over. I still have not been able to complete one yet.

As you see I am not far. I did most of this yesterday, and hop to be “turning the heal” today.  I am using Socks 101 from Knitty to learn how to make my own pattern.

If my hands let me, I want to make a mini witch hat. I have arthritis in my right hand, and knitting seems to be easier than crocheting these days.


Not much on my hook, but there will be!

I have been so busy dealing with life that I have not had time to work on much. I am still not very comfortable with knitting and I make lots of mistakes. So the Key Hole scarf I recently posted has turned out harder than planned. I am still not far into it, because I keep taking it apart and starting over.

I did learn one very important thing though, it is very hard to knit in the dark while watching a movie at the theater. My sister who was with us, commented that she wishes that she thought to bring her knitting too.

Here are some things I hope to to have on my hook:

Mallory Walleck’s Star Wars squares (Free Patterns from Ravelry) I really want to make my boyfriend an afghan with them. I am sure this will lead to some for my sons as well.

My middle son saw this on Facebook:

Now he wants one. I am sure I could work out the pattern for that, and may even do a ninja variation of it as well.

I also found a really cool pattern for a travel blanket that can be folded into what looks like a pillow with a handle. I subscribed to Crochet! magazine just to get that pattern. I think I NEED a bunch of these! I am the kind of person who carries blankets everywhere. I would have loved to have it at the movies the other day!

wed hookWell it is Wednesday, What’s on Your Hook?


Little Black Wrap (With Pattern!)

I get cold REALLY easy. I also live in Texas. If you have never been to Texas in the summer I can’t explain to you the heat. It is hot enough to kill people. This means you have to use the AC. Something I have learned in life it is hard find a boyfriend who like the same temperature as me. I am most comfortable in 78-80 degrees. This often means the AC set to 75 and me with a blanket.

I LOVE shawls. My step-mother made me one once that I adore! I love the colors but it often does not match what I wear. At home this is no problem I will wear it anyway. Every now and then, when I want to wear one out though, I always find myself wishing I had a black shawl. So I decided to make one. I may end up making a wrap at some point too.

wed hook

While searching the vast resources the internet has to offer I found a free pattern for Sezession I on Ravelry. I have fallen in love with this, and it is such a simple pattern! I am sure I will finish this soon. I do not normally do things like this and have never done a pattern that called for blocking. Mainly because I have avoided them. It seemed like a complicated processes, but this pattern includes information on how to do this. I decided to give it a shot and I am kind of excited to try! It may be a couple of days before I get to that though.

I do like that this is a simple enough pattern that I can crochet while reading. I may end up making a few of these in different colors and use them for gifts too!

The pattern page shows the finished and blocked piece, and it has such a lovely drape!


I have to finish up a baby blanket that I made. The blanket is finished, but I have to weave in LOTS of ends. I need to get that done, because it is a gift for a very pregnant girl at work. The doctor says she has a month but every one says it is any day now. You can just see that baby is ready to come. I want to get that finished tonight so I can wash it and take it to her tomorrow.

What is on your hook?

Feel free to share your current projects or free patterns of things you are working on!

Granny Circle Table Runner

The other day when reading other blogs I saw an amazing crochet table runner!

I found this on joyfulwise and fell in love right away! I decided I wanted to make one but with my own twists. I want to make them with Granny Circles.

I have never made them before and I found this Great Tutorial, from Crochet with Raymond.

So today, I am making a bunch of Granny Circles to make a runner.

This may take me a while. I will be working on it with scrap yarn while watching TV.

This is what is on my hook today! What about you?

What’s on your Hook? Or Needles?

wed hook

I have been learning to knit. I am not good at it yet, but each time I improve. One of my first projects was a very ugly wash cloth made from some scrap yarn. I hate the thing! One day I grabbed it, because it was handy, to wipe the dust off my laptop.

It worked so well that it is now my dusting rag! But I still think it is ugly as all hell. Well I am so very happy with my new swiffer pads (That I made last Weds) I have decided to make a matching set of cleaning items! I am going to make 2 dust rags and 2 new swiffer pads and maybe some scrubbies. I need to find a good pattern for some cleaning scrubbies but I am sure it will be easy to find.

So today I am knitting some new dust rags! I am not good at knitting so it make take me a while to get them made.

Here is one day’s worth of effort:

Do you want to learn to knit?

I promise it is way easier than it looks, and all you need is a little time to practice. I do it when I am watching TV or on the bus.

First thing you need is needles. There are a lot of different types. I am told the circular ones are best for beginners but I do not have those, so I don’t know. I got mine for free from Listia.

If you are not a member already, you should join that site. It is an auction format site that you do not have to use real money with. I get a lot of patterns, recipes and yarn from here. This is also where I sell patterns and destash to get more points. It is free to join, and the only real money I put in is for shipping, but most things even have free shipping. I got 6 sets of knitting needles for no real cash!

So once you get you needles you need to know where to start. I recommend How to Knit Kitting Help. I am sure there are other great sites, but this one helped me. YouTube videos help me a lot too. I learned how to crochet just from watching YouTube.

So, What’s on your hook?

Feel free to share your latest projects! Got any patterns to share? I like those too!

What’s on your Hook Wednesday?

Everyone who crochets has at least one project going all the time. Some people (Like Me), have a basket full of them next to the couch. Every Wednesday I will post my current project!

I would also love to see what you have on the hook too! So every Wednesday feel free to share pictures, patterns or whatever you have in the works.

wed hook

Earlier this week I started working on a revised swiffer sweeper sweeper pad. Thanks to life, the universe, and everything I have not gotten far. This is mainly because I was sick. So today I am going to finish making that, and get started on the pattern. I am making notes as I go, but seems I have to start the crocheting over again. While I was sick I made too many mistakes and I am not happy with it.

This is a really easy project and I should have it done before bed tonight. I am hoping to have a pattern ready fairly soon. For those who crochet, I will share the pattern. For those who do not, but still do not want to spend money on Swiffer refills I will be selling them soon very cheaply. Once I have the pattern done it will be easy for me to figure out how much is costs to make one.

As you see, I have .not gotten far yet

So, Let’s See What’s on Your Hook!