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Organizing yarn today…

So today I realize just how bad my “yarn mess” is. The “yarn mess” is a big pile spilling out of a bag that needs to be wrapped. Some of it is recycled yarn and unfinished projects that I have given up on.

Everything is tangled and to be honest, I try to ignore it until I want something from it.

This morning I go to charge my phone. Thanks to my “yarn mess” I can not get to my phone charger. I had forgotten that just before my vacation I started using my travel charger because the other one got tangled into the mess.

Today I shall organize this mess, and get my charger back! I wonder what else I will find?

A while back I shared how to make a center pull yarn ball using a paper towel roll. So I know I can wrap everything easy-peasy.


My Real Problem

How do I organize all of this? I use a hanging shoe organizer for my yarn. For the full skeins from the store this is fine, but the balls do not store well in it. I am thinking of getting one that hangs on the door. I think that would be better for the smaller bits.

How do you store your yarn?


Basic Arm Warmers With a Thumb Hole

This is one size fits most, but you should check the size and make adjustments to fit the person it is for.

arm warmers resize

I used a chainless foundation when making this but if you do not know how to do that you can start with chaining 28.

If you do not know how to do a chainless foundation, but want to learn how I posted a video I found on youtube a week or so ago.

Using an H or I hook (use a larger hook for larger size)

Rnd 1 hdc 26 and join. Be careful not twist it when joining.

Rnd 2 hdc around.

You can add rounds if you would like the cover more of the hand.

Row 3 hdc 22 (21 for men) and turn. (This is the start of the thumb hole)

Row 4 hdc 22 (21 for men) chain 4 (5 for men) and join.

Rnd 5 – 21 hdc 26 around

You can add or subtract rows to fit.

This pattern is really easy to embellish, and easy to make. Get creative and add your favorite trim or applique.

For my daughter I will be adding cat prints to hers!

Want to download the PDF for free? Find it on Raverly! Basic Arm Warmers I made a nice pretty PDF so you can save this pattern to use later!

Arm Warmers & Leg Warmers

I am so excited! I finally have some photos of my arm warmers and leg warmers!


These are Toddler Size Leg Warmers! I made this set for my awesome niece! I can not wait to give them to her on Christmas.

leg warmers resize

These arm warmers were made for my tween daughter. I will be adding cat prints to them soon!

arm warmers resize


I will be writing the pattern for these later tonight. I will be writing up some variations to go with it. For that, it may take a little later.

New Pattern Coming! Chainless Foundations too!

I am really excited, that I have a new pattern coming!

I was looking for a pattern for arm warmers online for my daughter. Most of the patterns I found were hard to read, or slightly difficult. After giving up I decided to just do it.

I have made a cute set of grey arm warmers, with a thumb hole. Later today I will be adding a pink applique cat paw to them and maybe some pink ruffles.

This got me excited, because there are so many variations that can be made. I will take pictures as soon as they are done!

I also found this to be a great opportunity to try a new technique I have seen floating around the internet.

Chainless foundation!

Have you tried this? I did for the first time the other day! I love it! It gives cleaner edges, and it just looks better.

For those who have not tried it, here is the video I used to learn how:

I used single crochet to practice, but it is the same concept if you wanted to use half double or even double crochet.

I may never use a starting chain again!!!!


Which Hat is Witch?

Halloween is looming, and I am very excited!

To celebrate I am releasing a pattern I wrote last year. I wrote this in October, so it was kinda late for a real release.


Which Hat is Witch Pattern

For those who can crochet I have the pattern for sale on Ravelry right now. I also list it on Listia from time to time. You can check my Listia Profile to see if I have it for free!

My daughter with her Witch Hat

 For Those Who Do Not Crochet:

I love doing custom orders! If you want a Witch Hat for your very own feel free to ask. Rates very based on size. I use flat rate shipping, and charge real shipping costs. I would be willing to use a cheaper shipping but at your own risk.

Coming Soon:

I want to make some mini witch hats and attach them to head bands!! Depending on my arthritis I may start that tonight.

Something fun with free patterns!

Been a little busy lately. I have been improving my knitting a lot too! I have worked out a pattern to use for lace but my hands have been too arthritic to make it, so I have been working the pattern out with regular yarn.


Since my hands hurt I have been working on a keyhole scarf I found on Ravelry. Beginner Keyhole Scarf. I am not that good at knitting yet, but I think this pattern will help me out!

Here is the quick and dirty pattern for this trim:

Cast On 4 K4

K2 yo K2 (5 st)


K2 yo K2tog yo k (6 St)


K2 yo K2tog yo K (7 st)

k3 yo k2tog yo K (8 st)

Cast off 4

New Photos of Old Crochet

I recently found a couple of things I made a while back my closet. They were finished, just needed some decent photos. I was thinking about listing them for sale on eBay or Etsy.


This is a Cthulhu mini purse that my sister inspired. I made one for her graduation present and I liked it some much I made more. I have made a few variations of these because they are fun to make and are good gifts.

Also last winter I wanted to make a unique infinity scarf. I saw a lovely one made to look like a swan biting its own wing, and that made me think of an ouroboros. So I made one of a snake biting it’s own tail.

I kinda think I need to stitch in an outline around the head, and maybe even add a red tongue. This would still be easy to do, but I just do not know if I want to.

It is hard to tell but the snake scales are a simple shell design.

I was thinking of writing up a pattern for this at some point. It is really simple to do, and I was surprised when last winter I couldn’t find other examples of an oroboros scarf.

Looking at it now, I still like it, but I want to tweak the pattern some.

Easy Center Pull Yarn Ball!



How to turn your Yarn Mess into a center pull ball

Anyone who is into any kind of yarn art knows the pain of a big mess of yarn. For me it is worse when I recycle yarn. Along time ago I saw this trick online but I can’t remember where.

All you need is a paper towel tube and the yarn.

Cut a slit into the paper towel roll:

Find the end of your yarn and put about 4 to 6 inches of tail into the tube and slid down into the cut.

Pull the yarn down about 3 inches from the cut and wrap yarn around to hold that into place:


I normally wrap it about 10 times. Next turn the tube upside down and wrap it about 10 more times at a diagonal angle.

Turn it again to a more comfortable angle. and slowly wrap around at an angle until it is the size you want.

To me it kinda looks like a dragon egg! Or I have been playing Sims 3 Dragon Valley too much.

Tuck the end under and pull the tail out of the tube. Make sure that you do not leave the tail in there or it will be hard to find later!


Pull the tube out of the yarn and shape the ball with your hands.

Crochet Swiffer Pads

Lately I have been experimenting with making crochet swiffer pads. My problem is i hate the swiffer I have. I have a wetjet, and I have never been happy with it. I recently requested some coupons from the swiffer website. You can do this too HERE! I just did this the other day, so it has not had a chance to get here yet.

I made one crochet cleaning pad so far and I love how it works but since I have an odd shaped swiffer the pattern I used needed modified. It does not fit as well as I would like it to. I am working on a revised version of the pattern now.


See I have this model with the annoying side scrubber that I have never used.

I really just want an original one. I used to have one and I LOVED it.

I prefer to use reusable things opposed to disposable, so I have always used rags and things like that rather than the swiffer refills. This is me being frugal and living green at the same time. Recently when I was trying very hard to learn to knit I made a very ugly “washcloth.” I use quotes because it is really not worth being called that. I did learn that this ugly thing is GREAT for dusting! So this inspired me to make some like that for the swiffer.

Once I have the pattern down I will be writing it out to share with everyone. For those who do not crochet I will gladly make you one. I am not sure how much I would charge for this yet, as I am not sure how much it cost me to make yet.

I will keep you updated to about the pattern! If you crochet or knit feel free to share your patterns too.