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Long Few Days

The next couple of days are going to be pretty long. I am not going to get to much done around the house.

Yesterday I did manage to start a new vinegar though, and I am pretty excited! I hope it does not take too long to brew. It is a vegetable vinegar. The idea behind it was vinegar to use in cooking. It is pretty much like a vegetable stock. I have onion, carrot, celery, cabbage and a few other odds and ends I found in my crisper.

I am also planing to start playing around with crochet clothing. I have done this in the past, but never got too far with it. I am experimenting by playing around with some motifs to make a tank top. I intend on lining it with fabric, so it can be a stand alone top in the summer. It may make a decent layering top for the winter.

I have never done anything like this before so I am not sure how it will turn out. My goal is to work on it as much as I can over the next few days and then hit it hard my next day off. If it comes out nice I will post pictures. I have never done this before so I admit to being a little uneasy.

On a more interesting note:

My oldest son has had dreams of being a chef his whole life. This is something I encourage. For Christmas he inherited a 94-114 year old cast iron pan.

He has restored it, and has been practicing his cooking skills in it.




Back from Vacation

I am so very happy to be home!

My family enjoyed the holidays all over Texas enjoying time with people we do not see nearly enough.

I hope you all had a great holiday season!!!

After work today I get to help my son restore an antique cast iron pan that has been in our family so long we are not sure just how old it is.

Later this week I will also be starting a new sourdough starter. My last one exploded and since I was going to be gone for almost 2 weeks I thought it was better not to make a new one.

I got a mini Crockpot for Christmas, so it is my new yogurt Crockpot!!!! I can not wait to use it!!!!

Friday the 13th a Christmas Nightmare… Krampus

Happy Friday the 13th!

Being this close to Christmas I thought I would introduce you to Krampus

Here in America we all know the story of Santa Clause who brings gifts for all the good little boys and girls. Have you ever wondered what happens to the bad little boys and girls?

Krampus comes for them and punishes them.

Here we tell children to be good or Santa will not come. In some places children are warned to be good or Krampus WILL come! He leaves coal or bundles of sticks to beat children with. Sometimes he will even steal children who are really bad and eat them or drown them in the river.

It was even popular to exchange cards featuring Krampus called Krampuskarten.  Did you know you can still get Krampuskarten? 

If you are creative you can make your own Krampuskarten!

I found this amusing Krampus rubber stamp on Amazon! I may have to get one, so that I can make some cards next year! Personally I love the Krampus Wrapping Papper! (Maybe I should stop browsing Amazon when I should be doing research?)

I want to Knit a Krampus Sweater Someday

I saw some while browsing Amazon, but I seem to be having issues finding patterns. I am not good at knitting but I want to do this…

I can not find patterns. I have only found one pattern for a doll on Ravelry. Do you have any Krampus Patterns to share? I would love that!!!

I may just have to make my own. I am not good enough do a knit one yet, but I may make a crochet Krampus pattern. I am still busy getting stuff ready Christmas, so that may have to wait until next year!

Enjoy the Last Friday the 13th of the year! Happy Holidays!!

Did you know that if you buy on amazon through the links I have provided you are helping support this blog. I am a member of the Amazon affiliates. The Ravelry pattern is not mine, but I did want to share the pattern I found. I wish I found some free ones.

Road Trip coming up!

So I get to go back to my home town for just over a week soon. 

We have not seen a lot of this side of the family for the last two years so we are really excited!

I have all of the gifts that I am buy bought, I am finishing up the handmade gifts, and now I have to make the important decisions…

What books do I load on my kindle and how much yarn do I pack? 

How much time will I really have to work on my knitting and crochet? How much room can I afford to take up when we will have 5 people in a car? I guess I can not fill up the trunk with yarn, because the kids need like clothing and stuff…

It is still over a week until we leave so I plenty of time.


My Birthday is in 5 days.

Not that I am counting or anything….

Shameless Self Promotion…

So I would really like to upgrade my webpage. I have a lot of ideas, but most of them can not be done without owning my domain.

I also am not the best at making headings and such. That is one of the things I would like to upgrade. Thankfully I live in a town with two major liberal arts schools. It should be easy to get an art student to make some stuff for me. I would have to pay the starving artist for their time of course.

I want to upgrade my hosting as well. WordPress keeps offering me an upgrade for 18$ a year. I may take them up on this offer.

So here is the thing:

I do not like to talk about my financial situation. Let’s face it, everyone is having a hard time lately. Everyone has tight budgets. This is the way it is. That is why people are clipping coupons and looking for black friday deals.

I know I can make this an awesome blog. I have great ideas. This cost more than my budget can give me though. For each upgrade I make, that is one less Christmas gift for my kids, or a bill not paid.

I do not want money for nothing

I see bloggers and people on facebook who just beg for this that or the other. They want donations, and offer nothing in return. So this is what I am offering:

Crocheted items and patterns for really cheap. I will be making and posting stuff on the blog. Everything I sell will go to blog upgrade and maintenance. This way I get the extra money needed to upgrade the blog, and you get an inexpensive gift for yourself or someone else.

I will be making some ready to ship items, and taking custom orders. I am willing to negotiate prices too. I am hoping to sell more things that have a quick turn around. Something I can ship out in 24 hours after ordered.

Here are some ideas of the things I can make quickly:

  • Arm warmers
  • Leg warmers
  • Hats
  • Skinny Scarves
  • Small Purses/Bags
  • Cat Toys (with catnip)

Also I have patterns for sale on both etsy and raverly. I will becoming up with a sale or discount code for these when I am off work today. If you contact me before I do that I can do a direct sale for lower than listed price. (You must have paypal though)

I hope to fill my etsy store up, and then empty it just as fast!

So please help my blog, and add some handmade flare to your holiday gift giving!!!!

If you want to make a custom order, or contact me about ordering something feel free to message me on facebook, or my email If you want to donate you can use that same email as well!

Free Samples 11/19

I am signing up for some free samples tonight. Not sure what all I will get but I will share the links I used tonight:

Target:Free Pond’s BB+ cream



Seattle’s Best Coffee

I also joined Start Sampling under the user name amandamcmillen. I do not know much about it yet, but it may be cool.

If you know any good free samples, feel free to share the links on here or on my facebook page!

Free Amazon Prime

I just got a free month of amazon prime from another blogger. I have to admit that it is pretty cool! I love the kindle library and I want to checkout the streaming video but I have not yet.

By far the best part, of it is the free shipping on a ton of stuff. I prefer Cyber Monday over Black Friday. I hate the hustle and bustle and the angry crowds of black friday, and on cyber monday I get shop naked if I want to!

The idea of of free shipping is great, and it really helps with my holiday shopping. I am thankful that I got my free month of prime, so now I want to offer it to you!

Sign up now, so that it is all ready for your Cyber Monday shopping!!!!

30 days Free Amazon Prime

I hope you enjoy!

This is not an endorsed add. I really do want you to save money, and be happy…


in total honesty I think I do get some kind of referral bonus. I am not sure how that bonus works. I only even looked up the link to offer it to my friends and family to save them money. After some thought, I decided to share the link on facebook and this blog, because you also get to save.

I know I enjoy having prime!121007064534-amazon-prime-resize-horizontal-gallery

My Own Test Kitchen

Tonight I am processing a pumpkin! I got it about half cut and cooked now!

I am testing a few new recipes tonight too!

The one I am most excited about is ice cream bread!!!

I will also be making some yogurt tonight, so I can test some yogurt spice muffins!!!

Tonight though, I know I will have pumpkin bread!

Bacon Cheddar Corn Muffins have been tested, and kid approved!

Recipes to come soon!!!!

Revisiting old TV shows

Recently my boyfriend and I were talking about Dick Van Dyke. I love him as an actor, and I find him an all around fascinating guy. My boyfriend loves to point out that he is the perfect example of how grown men are really still little boys at heart. We could not think of a single role that he has been in that we did not love.

My kids were confused and had no idea who we were talking about. So of course we start listing his movies. They really couldn’t picture him. (We totally need to rewatch those now!)

I found Chitty Chitty Bang Bang on netflix.

I never realized the guy who wrote James Bond, did this too… How cool are you Ian Fleming?

The movie was longer than I remembered and it was too close to bed time to watch it. Netflix suggested the Dick Van Dyke Show. The kids had never seen it, and it’s been well over a decade for me. So we watched it, with Mary Tyler Moore in her capri pants. The kids did not really get the big deal over that, and the double beds confused them. (Oh how times are changed.)

After watching a few episodes They recognized him as “The Anti-Kelso” from Scrubs.

Honestly I put the show on more for me, I assumed it would bore them. My boyfriend and I laughed and giggled at things we had forgotten. Even joked about an “Ohhhh Rob” drinking game.

Somehow we managed to miss that all three kids were sprawled out on the floor totally engrossed in the show.

At bed time my middle child asked, “Can we watch more tomorrow? That is way better than our cartoons.”

The oldest added, “I like that show, it is a smart comedy. Why don’t they makes shows like that anymore?”

I said, “because they don’t make writers like that anymore. We’re lucky if a show has writers.”

I have thought about how TV has changed over the years. That is the main reason that I have Netflix and a Roku and not cable. When the TVs went digital I never upgraded. I keep old TVs and have no converter box. We have DVDs and the internet. As it gets stupider and stupider I stay farther away from shows. I know the kids miss some channels that they have at grandma’s.

The night we watched The Dick Van Dyke Show seems to have become a turning point for my kids. They now see why I sigh and walk away when they watch some of their shows. They have now asked to watch more “intelligent comedies.” I’m not sure I can think of many off the top of my head, but it makes me wanna watch I Love Lucy.


Week in Review

What a busy week this has been. Thankfully it is over now!

Monday was the first day of school! I got all the kids up early and of course I shoved a camera in all of their faces!

I am so happy that even the older kids are loving school. When I was their age I hated school, but they have way better classes than I ever did! Advanced Technology??? They build robots in that class!

Witch Hat resize

This is my mini witch hat!

I plan on stuffing this, and finding a way to attach it to a headband. My daughter is already trying to steal it!  I may even end up writing out the pattern. This one is different from my other witch hat pattern.

I finally have a day to myself. My love is at work, and the kids are with Grandma for Labor day! I have at least a few hours of alone time. So of course I am watching Netflix and playing the Sims 3!

Have you seen Orange is The New Black? The first season is on Netflix, and I am surprised by how addicting this show is!

I love The Sims 3! Have you seen a No Lama Cat?

Okay, well I am off to take care of my Sims new plant baby, and relax for some.

I hope you guys all have a great Labor Day!!!