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Book Review: Beyond the Square Crochet Motifs

Beyond the Square Crochet Motifs:

144 circles, hexagons, triangles, squares, and other unexpected shapes

Book By:  Edie Eckman


5 cupcakes out of 5

Review by Amanda McMillen

Over the holidays I was at a family member’s house and she had a copy of this book. She let me borrow it for a few days and I fell in love with it. After returning it I managed to get myself a copy for the Kindle.

The author Edie Eckman has written several books but so far I have only read the one! When it comes to the world of fiber arts she has done it all. After working in a yarn store she started writing patterns, and teaching. She is also an editor for yarn companies and independent publishers.

I have not read a lot of crochet books because I find that I tend to prefer blog posts. Many of the books I have read in the past end up making me feel overwhelmed. This book is far from intimidating. The patterns are easy to understand and she clearly explains everything about them. Noobs to the most experienced crocheter can gain something from this book.

One of my favorite parts of this book is that she explains how to use graph patterns. This is something that has alluded me for years. There is even recommendations on which patterns to to use, to help teach yourself how to read them. Each motif has a written pattern and a chart pattern. Like so many other craft books, this one is filled with amazing images. They are clear without taking over the content.

Although the only patterns in the book are the motifs themselves she offers creative ideas to use them. There is even a recipe on how to create your own designs.


  • Easy to read patterns and technique tutorials
  • Beautiful images
  • Good tips and tricks
  • Easy to use and well organized


No major cons. This books was better than expected! Although there are great ideas for uses of the motif, they are all drawings. I do kind of wish there were some photos of finished products using them.

You know I had to make some of these the first night I had it!

I have made a few motifs so far, but one really stands out as a favorite!

Motif 112

I like a traditional granny square but sometimes they get a little boring. This is a different take on it. I am planning on making an afghan for my daughter using this motif with a regular granny square done in two colors.

This book has so much to offer, so in between making squares I will be making a scarf from some of the more open round motifs, I just have not decided how I want to join them yet. Thankfully the book offers tips on how to join pieces!

Have you read this book?

What is your favorite motif? I am thinking about trying to host a crochet along this year and using this book for the projects.

Disclaimer: I am not being paid to do this review. I have not
received any compensation from the author or publisher.
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Organizing yarn today…

So today I realize just how bad my “yarn mess” is. The “yarn mess” is a big pile spilling out of a bag that needs to be wrapped. Some of it is recycled yarn and unfinished projects that I have given up on.

Everything is tangled and to be honest, I try to ignore it until I want something from it.

This morning I go to charge my phone. Thanks to my “yarn mess” I can not get to my phone charger. I had forgotten that just before my vacation I started using my travel charger because the other one got tangled into the mess.

Today I shall organize this mess, and get my charger back! I wonder what else I will find?

A while back I shared how to make a center pull yarn ball using a paper towel roll. So I know I can wrap everything easy-peasy.


My Real Problem

How do I organize all of this? I use a hanging shoe organizer for my yarn. For the full skeins from the store this is fine, but the balls do not store well in it. I am thinking of getting one that hangs on the door. I think that would be better for the smaller bits.

How do you store your yarn?

Easy Center Pull Yarn Ball!



How to turn your Yarn Mess into a center pull ball

Anyone who is into any kind of yarn art knows the pain of a big mess of yarn. For me it is worse when I recycle yarn. Along time ago I saw this trick online but I can’t remember where.

All you need is a paper towel tube and the yarn.

Cut a slit into the paper towel roll:

Find the end of your yarn and put about 4 to 6 inches of tail into the tube and slid down into the cut.

Pull the yarn down about 3 inches from the cut and wrap yarn around to hold that into place:


I normally wrap it about 10 times. Next turn the tube upside down and wrap it about 10 more times at a diagonal angle.

Turn it again to a more comfortable angle. and slowly wrap around at an angle until it is the size you want.

To me it kinda looks like a dragon egg! Or I have been playing Sims 3 Dragon Valley too much.

Tuck the end under and pull the tail out of the tube. Make sure that you do not leave the tail in there or it will be hard to find later!


Pull the tube out of the yarn and shape the ball with your hands.