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Organizing yarn today…

So today I realize just how bad my “yarn mess” is. The “yarn mess” is a big pile spilling out of a bag that needs to be wrapped. Some of it is recycled yarn and unfinished projects that I have given up on.

Everything is tangled and to be honest, I try to ignore it until I want something from it.

This morning I go to charge my phone. Thanks to my “yarn mess” I can not get to my phone charger. I had forgotten that just before my vacation I started using my travel charger because the other one got tangled into the mess.

Today I shall organize this mess, and get my charger back! I wonder what else I will find?

A while back I shared how to make a center pull yarn ball using a paper towel roll. So I know I can wrap everything easy-peasy.


My Real Problem

How do I organize all of this? I use a hanging shoe organizer for my yarn. For the full skeins from the store this is fine, but the balls do not store well in it. I am thinking of getting one that hangs on the door. I think that would be better for the smaller bits.

How do you store your yarn?