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Week in Review

What a busy week this has been. Thankfully it is over now!

Monday was the first day of school! I got all the kids up early and of course I shoved a camera in all of their faces!

I am so happy that even the older kids are loving school. When I was their age I hated school, but they have way better classes than I ever did! Advanced Technology??? They build robots in that class!

Witch Hat resize

This is my mini witch hat!

I plan on stuffing this, and finding a way to attach it to a headband. My daughter is already trying to steal it!  I may even end up writing out the pattern. This one is different from my other witch hat pattern.

I finally have a day to myself. My love is at work, and the kids are with Grandma for Labor day! I have at least a few hours of alone time. So of course I am watching Netflix and playing the Sims 3!

Have you seen Orange is The New Black? The first season is on Netflix, and I am surprised by how addicting this show is!

I love The Sims 3! Have you seen a No Lama Cat?

Okay, well I am off to take care of my Sims new plant baby, and relax for some.

I hope you guys all have a great Labor Day!!!