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Friday the 13th a Christmas Nightmare… Krampus

Happy Friday the 13th!

Being this close to Christmas I thought I would introduce you to Krampus

Here in America we all know the story of Santa Clause who brings gifts for all the good little boys and girls. Have you ever wondered what happens to the bad little boys and girls?

Krampus comes for them and punishes them.

Here we tell children to be good or Santa will not come. In some places children are warned to be good or Krampus WILL come! He leaves coal or bundles of sticks to beat children with. Sometimes he will even steal children who are really bad and eat them or drown them in the river.

It was even popular to exchange cards featuring Krampus called Krampuskarten.  Did you know you can still get Krampuskarten? 

If you are creative you can make your own Krampuskarten!

I found this amusing Krampus rubber stamp on Amazon! I may have to get one, so that I can make some cards next year! Personally I love the Krampus Wrapping Papper! (Maybe I should stop browsing Amazon when I should be doing research?)

I want to Knit a Krampus Sweater Someday

I saw some while browsing Amazon, but I seem to be having issues finding patterns. I am not good at knitting but I want to do this…

I can not find patterns. I have only found one pattern for a doll on Ravelry. Do you have any Krampus Patterns to share? I would love that!!!

I may just have to make my own. I am not good enough do a knit one yet, but I may make a crochet Krampus pattern. I am still busy getting stuff ready Christmas, so that may have to wait until next year!

Enjoy the Last Friday the 13th of the year! Happy Holidays!!

Did you know that if you buy on amazon through the links I have provided you are helping support this blog. I am a member of the Amazon affiliates. The Ravelry pattern is not mine, but I did want to share the pattern I found. I wish I found some free ones.