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Basic Arm Warmers With a Thumb Hole

This is one size fits most, but you should check the size and make adjustments to fit the person it is for.

arm warmers resize

I used a chainless foundation when making this but if you do not know how to do that you can start with chaining 28.

If you do not know how to do a chainless foundation, but want to learn how I posted a video I found on youtube a week or so ago.

Using an H or I hook (use a larger hook for larger size)

Rnd 1 hdc 26 and join. Be careful not twist it when joining.

Rnd 2 hdc around.

You can add rounds if you would like the cover more of the hand.

Row 3 hdc 22 (21 for men) and turn. (This is the start of the thumb hole)

Row 4 hdc 22 (21 for men) chain 4 (5 for men) and join.

Rnd 5 – 21 hdc 26 around

You can add or subtract rows to fit.

This pattern is really easy to embellish, and easy to make. Get creative and add your favorite trim or applique.

For my daughter I will be adding cat prints to hers!

Want to download the PDF for free? Find it on Raverly! Basic Arm Warmers I made a nice pretty PDF so you can save this pattern to use later!


Free Samples 11/19

I am signing up for some free samples tonight. Not sure what all I will get but I will share the links I used tonight:

Target:Free Pond’s BB+ cream



Seattle’s Best Coffee

I also joined Start Sampling under the user name amandamcmillen. I do not know much about it yet, but it may be cool.

If you know any good free samples, feel free to share the links on here or on my facebook page!

Free Amazon Prime

I just got a free month of amazon prime from another blogger. I have to admit that it is pretty cool! I love the kindle library and I want to checkout the streaming video but I have not yet.

By far the best part, of it is the free shipping on a ton of stuff. I prefer Cyber Monday over Black Friday. I hate the hustle and bustle and the angry crowds of black friday, and on cyber monday I get shop naked if I want to!

The idea of of free shipping is great, and it really helps with my holiday shopping. I am thankful that I got my free month of prime, so now I want to offer it to you!

Sign up now, so that it is all ready for your Cyber Monday shopping!!!!

30 days Free Amazon Prime

I hope you enjoy!

This is not an endorsed add. I really do want you to save money, and be happy…


in total honesty I think I do get some kind of referral bonus. I am not sure how that bonus works. I only even looked up the link to offer it to my friends and family to save them money. After some thought, I decided to share the link on facebook and this blog, because you also get to save.

I know I enjoy having prime!121007064534-amazon-prime-resize-horizontal-gallery