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What’s on your Hook Wednesday?

Everyone who crochets has at least one project going all the time. Some people (Like Me), have a basket full of them next to the couch. Every Wednesday I will post my current project!

I would also love to see what you have on the hook too! So every Wednesday feel free to share pictures, patterns or whatever you have in the works.

wed hook

Earlier this week I started working on a revised swiffer sweeper sweeper pad. Thanks to life, the universe, and everything I have not gotten far. This is mainly because I was sick. So today I am going to finish making that, and get started on the pattern. I am making notes as I go, but seems I have to start the crocheting over again. While I was sick I made too many mistakes and I am not happy with it.

This is a really easy project and I should have it done before bed tonight. I am hoping to have a pattern ready fairly soon. For those who crochet, I will share the pattern. For those who do not, but still do not want to spend money on Swiffer refills I will be selling them soon very cheaply. Once I have the pattern done it will be easy for me to figure out how much is costs to make one.

As you see, I have .not gotten far yet

So, Let’s See What’s on Your Hook!