Oops… My bad

So earlier today I posted a free pattern… I also made a PDF file of the pattern, and set it up for free download on Ravelry.

I forgot to activate the link…

So if you tried to download it  today and could not, I am very sorry.

Here is the link to the pattern for Basic Arm Warmers PDF file.


arm warmers resize


Basic Arm Warmers With a Thumb Hole

This is one size fits most, but you should check the size and make adjustments to fit the person it is for.

arm warmers resize

I used a chainless foundation when making this but if you do not know how to do that you can start with chaining 28.

If you do not know how to do a chainless foundation, but want to learn how I posted a video I found on youtube a week or so ago.

Using an H or I hook (use a larger hook for larger size)

Rnd 1 hdc 26 and join. Be careful not twist it when joining.

Rnd 2 hdc around.

You can add rounds if you would like the cover more of the hand.

Row 3 hdc 22 (21 for men) and turn. (This is the start of the thumb hole)

Row 4 hdc 22 (21 for men) chain 4 (5 for men) and join.

Rnd 5 – 21 hdc 26 around

You can add or subtract rows to fit.

This pattern is really easy to embellish, and easy to make. Get creative and add your favorite trim or applique.

For my daughter I will be adding cat prints to hers!

Want to download the PDF for free? Find it on Raverly! Basic Arm Warmers I made a nice pretty PDF so you can save this pattern to use later!

Arm Warmers & Leg Warmers

I am so excited! I finally have some photos of my arm warmers and leg warmers!


These are Toddler Size Leg Warmers! I made this set for my awesome niece! I can not wait to give them to her on Christmas.

leg warmers resize

These arm warmers were made for my tween daughter. I will be adding cat prints to them soon!

arm warmers resize


I will be writing the pattern for these later tonight. I will be writing up some variations to go with it. For that, it may take a little later.

Shameless Self Promotion…

So I would really like to upgrade my webpage. I have a lot of ideas, but most of them can not be done without owning my domain.

I also am not the best at making headings and such. That is one of the things I would like to upgrade. Thankfully I live in a town with two major liberal arts schools. It should be easy to get an art student to make some stuff for me. I would have to pay the starving artist for their time of course.

I want to upgrade my hosting as well. WordPress keeps offering me an upgrade for 18$ a year. I may take them up on this offer.

So here is the thing:

I do not like to talk about my financial situation. Let’s face it, everyone is having a hard time lately. Everyone has tight budgets. This is the way it is. That is why people are clipping coupons and looking for black friday deals.

I know I can make this an awesome blog. I have great ideas. This cost more than my budget can give me though. For each upgrade I make, that is one less Christmas gift for my kids, or a bill not paid.

I do not want money for nothing

I see bloggers and people on facebook who just beg for this that or the other. They want donations, and offer nothing in return. So this is what I am offering:

Crocheted items and patterns for really cheap. I will be making and posting stuff on the blog. Everything I sell will go to blog upgrade and maintenance. This way I get the extra money needed to upgrade the blog, and you get an inexpensive gift for yourself or someone else.

I will be making some ready to ship items, and taking custom orders. I am willing to negotiate prices too. I am hoping to sell more things that have a quick turn around. Something I can ship out in 24 hours after ordered.

Here are some ideas of the things I can make quickly:

  • Arm warmers
  • Leg warmers
  • Hats
  • Skinny Scarves
  • Small Purses/Bags
  • Cat Toys (with catnip)

Also I have patterns for sale on both etsy and raverly. I will becoming up with a sale or discount code for these when I am off work today. If you contact me before I do that I can do a direct sale for lower than listed price. (You must have paypal though)

I hope to fill my etsy store up, and then empty it just as fast!

So please help my blog, and add some handmade flare to your holiday gift giving!!!!

If you want to make a custom order, or contact me about ordering something feel free to message me on facebook, or my email mcmillenwrites@gmail.com If you want to donate you can use that same email as well!

New Pattern Coming! Chainless Foundations too!

I am really excited, that I have a new pattern coming!

I was looking for a pattern for arm warmers online for my daughter. Most of the patterns I found were hard to read, or slightly difficult. After giving up I decided to just do it.

I have made a cute set of grey arm warmers, with a thumb hole. Later today I will be adding a pink applique cat paw to them and maybe some pink ruffles.

This got me excited, because there are so many variations that can be made. I will take pictures as soon as they are done!

I also found this to be a great opportunity to try a new technique I have seen floating around the internet.

Chainless foundation!

Have you tried this? I did for the first time the other day! I love it! It gives cleaner edges, and it just looks better.

For those who have not tried it, here is the video I used to learn how:

I used single crochet to practice, but it is the same concept if you wanted to use half double or even double crochet.

I may never use a starting chain again!!!!


Ripple #55 – SPI-der Man!!

OMG I might need to make this


At the end of Friday’s Spidey Blanket update I was about to run out of Royal blue yarn and head to Joanns for more.

375 in-progress

Once I crocheted that laaast blue double-crochet round, I could add the spider web’s black chain and slip-stitch spokes. This was a real slow awkward step for me, working with my right hand on top of the blanket and constantly switching between having my left hand on top and under the blanket, but it was so worth it!! The spokes are what turned my red and blue striped round ripple into a Spider’s Web! Yes!!

A helpful reader shared this link to a Flickr video showing how to add the spider web. – Thanks for sharing your great find, Renee!

Starting each spoke on one of the blanket’s twelve points, I stopped as soon as I reached the blanket’s red center spot, leaving that area open…

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Cinnamon Honey Butter

A good friend of mine has started a page on facebook called Recipe Results. We always see these amazing recipes on facebook and pintrest. So often we wonder, does it work? She tests as many of these as she can, and posts the results. When I can I try to contribute as well.

If you ever have tried any of those recipes, I am sure she would love to hear your feedback as well.

Today I am trying one of those recipes:

I am going to make a few minor changes, but nothing major.

I am not sure who made this post, but I found it though Better Gnomes & Cauldrons. (If this is your post, let me know! I will share the info.)

I am making some homemade butter for this. I am also suggesting to use raw local honey if you can find it. Cinnamon and raw local honey are both very good for you. They are both anti-inflammatory and both good for upper respiratory and allergies!

So this is a really good way to enjoy your toast and feel better.

It did not take long to whip this up, and the kids had fun helping! My daughter shook the heavy whipping cream while my boyfriend sang “Whole lotta Shakin goin on.”

This recipe has earned a permanent place in our fridge! I think it is an absolute must during cold and flu season!!!

Free pattern from Planet June

Cute pattern will add a nice embelishment to gift wrapping

UK Crochet Patterns

Love, love, LOVE June! She’s kindly offering a little Christmas freebie for us  all. This will look cute on your tree!

Click here for the free pattern.

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Free Samples 11/19

I am signing up for some free samples tonight. Not sure what all I will get but I will share the links I used tonight:

Target:Free Pond’s BB+ cream



Seattle’s Best Coffee

I also joined Start Sampling under the user name amandamcmillen. I do not know much about it yet, but it may be cool.

If you know any good free samples, feel free to share the links on here or on my facebook page!

Free Amazon Prime

I just got a free month of amazon prime from another blogger. I have to admit that it is pretty cool! I love the kindle library and I want to checkout the streaming video but I have not yet.

By far the best part, of it is the free shipping on a ton of stuff. I prefer Cyber Monday over Black Friday. I hate the hustle and bustle and the angry crowds of black friday, and on cyber monday I get shop naked if I want to!

The idea of of free shipping is great, and it really helps with my holiday shopping. I am thankful that I got my free month of prime, so now I want to offer it to you!

Sign up now, so that it is all ready for your Cyber Monday shopping!!!!

30 days Free Amazon Prime

I hope you enjoy!

This is not an endorsed add. I really do want you to save money, and be happy…


in total honesty I think I do get some kind of referral bonus. I am not sure how that bonus works. I only even looked up the link to offer it to my friends and family to save them money. After some thought, I decided to share the link on facebook and this blog, because you also get to save.

I know I enjoy having prime!121007064534-amazon-prime-resize-horizontal-gallery