Shameless Self Promotion…

So I would really like to upgrade my webpage. I have a lot of ideas, but most of them can not be done without owning my domain.

I also am not the best at making headings and such. That is one of the things I would like to upgrade. Thankfully I live in a town with two major liberal arts schools. It should be easy to get an art student to make some stuff for me. I would have to pay the starving artist for their time of course.

I want to upgrade my hosting as well. WordPress keeps offering me an upgrade for 18$ a year. I may take them up on this offer.

So here is the thing:

I do not like to talk about my financial situation. Let’s face it, everyone is having a hard time lately. Everyone has tight budgets. This is the way it is. That is why people are clipping coupons and looking for black friday deals.

I know I can make this an awesome blog. I have great ideas. This cost more than my budget can give me though. For each upgrade I make, that is one less Christmas gift for my kids, or a bill not paid.

I do not want money for nothing

I see bloggers and people on facebook who just beg for this that or the other. They want donations, and offer nothing in return. So this is what I am offering:

Crocheted items and patterns for really cheap. I will be making and posting stuff on the blog. Everything I sell will go to blog upgrade and maintenance. This way I get the extra money needed to upgrade the blog, and you get an inexpensive gift for yourself or someone else.

I will be making some ready to ship items, and taking custom orders. I am willing to negotiate prices too. I am hoping to sell more things that have a quick turn around. Something I can ship out in 24 hours after ordered.

Here are some ideas of the things I can make quickly:

  • Arm warmers
  • Leg warmers
  • Hats
  • Skinny Scarves
  • Small Purses/Bags
  • Cat Toys (with catnip)

Also I have patterns for sale on both etsy and raverly. I will becoming up with a sale or discount code for these when I am off work today. If you contact me before I do that I can do a direct sale for lower than listed price. (You must have paypal though)

I hope to fill my etsy store up, and then empty it just as fast!

So please help my blog, and add some handmade flare to your holiday gift giving!!!!

If you want to make a custom order, or contact me about ordering something feel free to message me on facebook, or my email If you want to donate you can use that same email as well!


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