Ripple #55 – SPI-der Man!!

OMG I might need to make this


At the end of Friday’s Spidey Blanket update I was about to run out of Royal blue yarn and head to Joanns for more.

375 in-progress

Once I crocheted that laaast blue double-crochet round, I could add the spider web’s black chain and slip-stitch spokes. This was a real slow awkward step for me, working with my right hand on top of the blanket and constantly switching between having my left hand on top and under the blanket, but it was so worth it!! The spokes are what turned my red and blue striped round ripple into a Spider’s Web! Yes!!

A helpful reader shared this link to a Flickr video showing how to add the spider web. – Thanks for sharing your great find, Renee!

Starting each spoke on one of the blanket’s twelve points, I stopped as soon as I reached the blanket’s red center spot, leaving that area open…

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2 responses to “Ripple #55 – SPI-der Man!!

  1. Oh, you definitely should! The blanket itself is easy. And although the spider and web take a while to do, they’re totally worth it!!

    • I have never done a ripple type pattern but I have always wanted to. My boyfriend and my sons are all really big into spider man! I think this would be a great birthday gift. I wish I had more time before Christmas!

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