General Updates

I have been working 6 days a week, and too many of them have been long days. This is why I have committed a horrid sin. I am sorry I have not been blogging. *sad kitty face*

If you do not follow me on facebook, you totally should. I post on there fairly often, but not so much that I flood your feed!

So here is a basic update:

I have been testing a few new recipes. I will be posting those fairly soon.

I posted about making a sourdough starter. While experimenting with it, I managed to kill it. I am sad because today is the day I gave up on saving it. For about a week I have tried. I know what I did wrong I think. I tried to double it, and it exploded everywhere and then it started to smell like vinegar, so I added more flour. That did not work… So today I am making a new one.

For about 4 weeks I have been brewing lemon vinegar. I checked on it today, and it still needs more time. I think the acid in the lemons is slowing down the fermentation. I am still pretty excited about it, and it has an interesting taste. I fed another lemon to it, and will check it again in a week. My son has started his own mother of vinegar, and he has some good old fashioned white vinegar brewing. I have to admit it looks really neat!

I have gotten really good at couponing. I am not as good as some of the girls at work, but I am impressed with my hoard. With the money saved I have been able to get about half of my holiday shopping done. I am saving big ticket items for Cyber Monday.

Also in my house we have been getting back into the habit of studying Dharma. This was something I used to do daily but I let myself get lazy. I am excited as I study the Dharma again. My son has been studying with me! He often goes off on his own thing, but we like to meet somewhere in the middle.

I have set up time to be ale to blog regularly again. I have lists of recipes and things to share with you my readers. I am hoping to have a tutorial or two coming soon.


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