What’s on your Hook Wednesday!

I have been so busy with back to school and trying to get extra hours at work that I have not had time to crochet or knit much. When I do have time I have been trying to learn how to make socks. Socks are the main reason I wanted to learn how to knit.

wed hook

Seems like every time I think I am doing well on making a sock, I find I have messed up so bad, that I have to start over. I still have not been able to complete one yet.

As you see I am not far. I did most of this yesterday, and hop to be “turning the heal” today.  I am using Socks 101 from Knitty to learn how to make my own pattern.

If my hands let me, I want to make a mini witch hat. I have arthritis in my right hand, and knitting seems to be easier than crocheting these days.


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