yarnbombing for the kind but cowardly

I know I am in a reblogging mood today, but I had to get caught up on reading other people’s blogs! This is something to really inspire joy! Reminding a stranger that they are loved can make a world of difference!

Heather L Cox

What do you get when you cross hippie lovechild flowers with yarnbombing? My new Love Bomb Kits! I’ve been working like a squirrel drunk on espresso to get them all packaged up for you and listed on my etsy shop and it’s done! They are ready for deployment.


The idea for these started back in April when I was inspired by that week’s Artist’s Way task of listing 5 imaginary lives you’d like to live. One of mine was “yarnbomber.” The rest of the task was to try and live one of those imaginary lives as much as you could.

I soon realized I’m way too introverted and, well, let’s just say it, afraid, to launch a big Olek-style yarnbomb and so I made a few of these, tagged them with love notes, and left them around town for random strangers. I don’t know what happened to any of them…

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One response to “yarnbombing for the kind but cowardly

  1. Thank you for the reblog! I’m so glad my little flowers are inspiring you 🙂 That makes my whole day!

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