Busy Busy Week!

The first week of July has always been very busy for me. While every one else is getting ready for the 4th of July I totally space it until the day of. The reason why is my father’s birthday is the 3rd, and my oldest son’s is on the 5th.

While I am inevitably running around making last minute plans I forget the 4th. It is for this reason my mom always loads up the van and takes everybody to see the fireworks.

This year though mom dropped off fire works saying she was sorry that she could not do that this year. I was all like oh yeah…fireworks…

This weekend we had Dante’s 14th birthday BBQ! My boy is getting all grown up! He is taller than me even! (That is not hard I am only 5 foot tall.) Dante wants to be a chef when he grows up, and has been helping me in the kitchen as we plan out the Back to Basics.

So when Dante decided he wanted to make a cheese cake for his birthday party I was pretty excited. We decided to make our own cream cheese! This was a lot of fun but takes a couple of days! I will be posting a how to on making cream cheese and the recipe we used pretty soon.

Now that I have gotten caught up on everything I have time to write, and plan some fun things! I am really excited about some projects I will be sharing with you as I try them!


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