Is it Monday already?

My work hours have been odd with the summer, so I kinda lost track of time.

Yesterday I finally started my Mother of Vinegar! To start it, I took a cup of white wine and mixed 2 table spoons of vinegar to it. I covered the top with a coffee filter so it could still breathe, and be able to keep things out.


It will be living under my sink for the next 2 months! I am excited.

Update 8/2/2013: After a month I saw no change. At the moment I still have it under the sink, but I am considering trying a new one. For more info see the full update.

Today I am making some yogurt, and mayo.

Since my kids have hijacked most of the computers I am watching some Netflix on TV and making a scrap yarn scarf!

At some point I should work in a nap!


2 responses to “Is it Monday already?

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