Looking for Linkys

This is a new blog. Many years ago, I ran a successful blog that I even managed to turn a small profit on. Everyday this blog got more and more popular. Then I got all the weird side effect to some medicine that almost ruined my life. It has taken me 3 years to recover from this medicine. While still on it, I was forced to stop working on my blog.

I know I can not just pick up where I left off,  but I am lucky enough to remember the things that made it a good blog. Good writing, good networking, and good friends.

I made many of my old friends through, link parties. Since I have been out of that game I am looking for some new ones to join.

Do you host a Linky Party?

Please let me know! I may very well be interested! I am looking for some with the topics of food, crochet, and frugal living. When I ever have some time I may be interested in some gardening ones too.

Are you a member of some fun Linky Parties?

Let me know if there are some you really like? I may like them too. I have a lot of writing on my list today, but after I am done with that I will be snooping around other people’s blogs looking for fun posts and linky parties.


2 responses to “Looking for Linkys

  1. Hi dear! You can check my linky parties page, is full of wonderful linkies I participate in every week!!!
    Thanks for the following 🙂


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